Ms. O’Connor has published three very diverse books.

Rodney the Robot is a children’s book that uses a delightfully amusing story about a boy and his robot, to plant the seed of awareness, that we are responsible for our actions and our reactions. There is no one to blame for our problems or difficulties. The book is written for primary grades and is illustrated in such a way that a young non reader can read it by the pictures once it had been read to him. This one is signed Grandma O’Connor

Ponderingss, for adults, deals with personal growth, relationship, and spiritual awareness. Each chapter stands on its own and the reader can skip around from one chapter to another, depending on his need at any given time. At the end of each chapter is a suggested meditation and a work sheet.

Anatomy of a Show is a handbook for theatre enthusiasts. The book will enhance the theatre goers appreciation of theatre. It also serves as a guide book for theatre students. She takes the reader from the idea in the playwright’s mind, through all stages of production, right up to opening night. The roles and responsibilities of the producer, director, technical crews, stage manager and actors are described in simple straight forward language.

All three books are available on


Keiser University, Strayer University and Florida Career College are numbered among the universities in which Jeanne has presented.

Again diversity is the key word. Ms. O’Connor has spoken on such diverse subjects as self-growth, relationship, and New Age Mistique.

Her passion is theatre and Jeanne has a presentation that covers all the stages that are necessary to bring a show to the stage. She brings the listener from the idea in the playwrights mind, through all the technical and business aspects of production. She describes the duties of all the technical crews, the director, the stage manager and the actors. The purpose of the presentation is to help theatre students clarify what they want their role to be in theatre.


Jeanne has performed on stage, screen, TV and both print and TV commercials.

Her films include Plagerism, The Four Horseman, It’s Tough Being Me and The visit. She did and eposode on Dr. G. Medical Examiner and appeared in the pilot of Beat the Boss. Little Women, Mouse Trap, Fuddy Meers, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks and Pride of Miss Jean Brodie are among her many stage performances both in Florida and in NY.

Dr. Ferber, Hearx, U.S. Pharmaceutical, Care Plus, Wedgewood ornaments and Precision Prescriptioin Discount Card are numbered among her many commercials.